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Swimming pools today have more features than ever before. Between energy-saving equipment, automation systems, salt water chlorine generators, and more, keeping all of your pool’s electrical components in order can be intimidating, especially if something goes wrong. That’s where Elite Swimming Pools comes in. Our pool repair experts have been trained in repairing everything from standard pool electrical systems to the latest pool technologies. Our technicians will come to your house, diagnose the issue, and promptly repair any electrical malfunctions. Explore just a few of the items we repair below.


Automated pool timers are essential for saving you money on your energy bills by turning your pool’s pumps on and off at a prescribed time. If your pool timer is broken, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new one, although it requires professional troubleshooting to diagnose and repair the problem. Our pool technicians can help.

Automation systems

Pool automation systems allow you to control your pool via one slick panel or even a smart device app. While this technology is convenient and cool, it does require technical expertise to fix when problems arise. Elite Swimming Pools has got you covered.

 Salt water chlorine generators

Salt water chlorine generators eliminate the need for most swimming pool chemicals, thereby reducing skin irritation, chemical odors, and pool maintenance bills. If you suspect that your salt water chlorine generator is broken, our technicians can troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair the issue in a quick and cost-effective manner.

And More!

Electrical work can be deadly if not done by a professional, especially if water is involved. The Elite Swimming Pool team knows how to repair electrical problems in your swimming pool without sacrificing the safety of themselves or their clients. Whether your swimming pool’s electrical systems and wiring was improperly installed or they simply broke from extended use, you can always call on the Elite Swimming Pools team to handle the job correctly. We are happy to provide you with a free quote for any of our pool services, including pool repairs, renovations, cleaning, and more. We proudly serve the Greater Miami Area.
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