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Elite Swimming Pools takes pride in knowing that we offer our clients an all-inclusive experience, we achieve this by providing resolutions for all their pool needs. This solidify’ s us as the easiest company to do business with in the South Florida market. With a wide range of services and repairs, we can help ensure to keep your pool running like new. Here are some of the services we offer under one roof.

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Automatic Pool Vacuums– A vacuum cleaners intended use is to collect debris and sediment from the bottom of the pool surface. There are several different types of cleaners (Pressure, Suction, and Robotic) and they all operate differently from each other. The benefit of having an automatic vacuum is, it will maintain the appearance of your pool cleaner in-between visits from your pool technician. We sale all brands and types of cleaners to fit any one’s budget. We also repair vacuums to keep them working properly.

Heat Pump & Gas Heaters-A pool heater is becoming a very useful item to have installed on swimming pools today. The technology and efficient ways heaters heat up swimming pool waters has greatly made this equipment more desirable to own. We install new heaters of all major brands and repair them as well. Call us today and schedule a consultation. We can heat things up for you.

L.E.D. Lighting– Pool lighting is by far one of the most important components of your pools Wow factor. Lighting sets the tone and the mood for any occasion in your back yard. L.E.D pool lights deliver the brightest lights, an array of colors choices and color shows in some cases. Not to mention the massive electricity savings you receive because the light is L.E.D. Upgrade the look of your pool by replacing your standard pool light today.

Pool Automation-Pool Automation is a technology which is a process of controlling your pool equipment and components from any location using any device that you have on hand. All you need is the automation system of your choice, a WIFI signal, and a device with the downloaded app of the manufactured automation system. With the ever-growing popularity of such a technology, Pool Automation now makes pool ownership fun and easy at the same time. No more manually operating anything, at a push of a button “Magic” happens and things like; lights turn on and change color, heaters heat up water, valves move automatically, etc. Inquire with us about installing an automation system on your pool today!

Pool pumps and pool maintenance in South Florida

Pool Pumps-We carry and install all major brands, makes and models of pool pumps needed for your pool. The conservation of energy is a big component in the pool industry. Pool pumps have the highest consumption of energy and will always be the focal point for savings of energy and money. The most evolved and technological advanced product to date has been the pool pump. Beginning with the 2 Speed Pump and now the Variable Speed Pump, these pumps allow pool owner to not only reduce their speeds but also cut their energy cost in half. The Variable Speed pump literally will pay for itself in the first year of ownership due to the savings in energy consumption. Inquire with us and see how much you could save by upgrading your pool pump now!

Salt Water Chlorinators-There are many great benefits to having a salt water chlorinator installed on your pool. One benefit is your pool has a steady presence of generated chlorine being feed through out the run duration of the pool. The chlorine generator uses electrolysis in the presence of dissolve salt to produce the sanitation needed to keep your pool clean and clear. Not to be misconstrued, once a pool is converted and a salt water system is installed, your pool is not a salt water pool. The salt system coverts the salt to chlorine which sanitizes the water. One other benefit is that chlorine generated sanitation is a less harsh form of chlorine than your typical liquid chlorine pool. Therefore, the water feels softer on your skin and eyes. Elite can convert your regular chlorine pool to a salt chlorine generated pool quick and easy. We carry all major brands and we will install them the correct way every time. Contact us to have your pool converted today!

Pool Filters-Your pool filter is one of the most affected equipment components in the entire pool system. The filters main job is to trap any debris and filter out contaminates at the micron level. There are three main types of filters sold and installed on swimming pools. The types are: Cartridge Filters, which is a pleated polyester fabric with an internal plastic core. Cartridge filters remove between 10-20 microns from the water. Diatomaceous Earth Filters (D.E.), which is comprised of several fabric covered grids inside the tank body and uses a powder known as Diatomaceous Earth which coats the grids to aid the filter in trapping the debris and contaminates from the water as it passes through. D.E. Filters can remove below 5 microns from the water. Finally, Sand filters which is comprised of pool sand inside the tank. When water pushes up through the sand, this dislodges the dirt and debris as travels through. The Sand filter removes the highest count between 20-100 microns. Fyi, the higher the micron the bigger the debris is captures allowing the smaller microns to flow back to your pool. The filter that can capture smaller the micron can capture the larger ones no problem.

Plumbing Repairs-The plumbing of a swimming pool is similar to the veins in our bodies. It carries the water of the pool from the pump (heart of pool) through the filtration system (lungs) and back again to the pool (body). It’s a very important component to maintain in good working order. Like our bodies, from time to time, the plumbing needs repairing. Are you experiencing an above or below ground broken pipes, any leaks at the equipment pad or around the pool itself? We are the experts in diagnosing, repairing, and re-plumbing the PVC pipes back together again no matter what size pipe or scope of work involved. Call us and schedule a service call today!