Green Pool Clean Up vs. Acid Wash

Did you wake up today to find your pool Green and cloudy or has it been Black and murky for a while?

You may need a Green Pool Clean Up or an Acid Wash. Not sure which?  Here’s some information that can lead you in the right direction:

Green Pool Clean Up

Pools with green cloudy water, yet still transparent enough to see to the bottom, must be one of the unsightly things to see from your pool. It raises a bunch of questions such as, “How did this HAPPEN? “How am I going to fix this QUICKLY? How much is this going to COST ME? Knowing exactly what steps to take, which chemicals to use, and how are you going to manage the system is half the battle. We are the experts in Green Pool Clean Ups. We’ll determine what happened and will turn your pool around quickly for you.

Never leave a Green pool for a long time. Hire Elite today, we will surely put the BLUE back in your pool.

Acid Wash

Is it extremely murky, dark green and almost black in color?
Do you think you have unwanted visitors’ swimming at the bottom of your pool? If so, a heavy-duty chemical
treatment is almost impossible to achieve a clear pool.

A turn around of that magnitude will cost you a lot of money, as well as time wasted.

An acid wash, also known as a drain and clean, is the only solution for your pool in
those conditions. This method is not only cost-effective but the quickest way to bring your pool back to life.

Elite will help you go from “GREEN to CLEAN