Hurricane Awareness

Here are some Do’s & Don’ts for your pool preparation.

As your Pool Service Company, we here at Elite Swimming Pools, Inc. wanted to send you some information on how to prepare your pool for this unprecedented Hurricane.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for your pool preparations:


1. Turn off your Pool Pump Circuit Breaker (Not by the Timer switch). The breaker box can be found either inside your garage or outside possibly by the main electrical meter. Inside the breaker box, locate the circuit breaker labeled POOL PUMP (it will be a 20AMP breaker). Either the night before or day of the hurricane, if possible and its safe, take this precaution for possible storm and electrical surges and also physical damage that could occur to the equipment and or plumbing.

2. Lower Water Level if TOO HIGH before storm: If your pool’s water level is HIGHER than the middle portion of your tile and close to the coping borders, then you want to lower the pool level to the middle or just below the middle half of the tile. Pay close attention when doing this process for it could go very quickly. DON’T lower below the skimmer opening (skimmer opening is the square opening on the interior portion of the pool.) Skimmers lines are suctions lines which draws water towards the pump. Water levels too low could cause pump to lose prime and run dry, so please pay close attention.

3. Document and Photograph / Video your entire Pool: Any documentation that you may have for your pool should be placed into a water tight Zip Lock bag if possible. Also Photograph and Video your entire pool and equipment area. All documentation you must provide your Homeowners insurance company in case of physical damage could aid in the process of a claim. Photos and video could aid the insurance agency and us as your service provider in any work that may be needed to put things back into order.

4. Clear your Patio free from furniture and other outdoor items: Remove and store all outdoor furniture, plants and planters, wall décor, Bar-b-q’s, and any other possible items which could easily be a hazard of being blown around and fall into pool or become a projectile to your home and other neighboring homes.

5. Pool Evaluation: After the storm has completely passed and it is safe for you to exit your home, you should then inspect and evaluate your pool very carefully. Look to see if everything is in order as it normally is. Inspect all the entire system including Pool Pump(s), Filter, Electrical box(s), PVC Pipes, Valves. If you find something broken or not as it normally is Please DO NOT turn back ON the circuit breaker!!! CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY!!!. Also inspect the Pool and Deck, look inside the pool (if visible) floor and walls. If large debris has fallen into your pool, attempt to remove quickly. Is the debris cannot be removed, contact us Take notes of any concerns you may have.



1. Completely Drain your pool: Completely draining your pool could cause the pool to “POP OUT”. There is no fixing this issue. The weight of the water inside your pool keeps the structured shell of the pool in the ground.

2. Throw Patio Furniture or Metal Objects inside pool: No furniture and or objects should be thrown inside your pool. The weight of the object doubles and triples in weight and becomes very difficult to remove. All metal objects should NOT be inside of a pool because METALS WILL STAIN THE SURFACE!! (We WILL NOT remove any furniture or metal objects from any pools. (If any of these objects are found to be in the pool, we will charge for a removal fee.)

3. Lower water level if Already Lower than middle of tile: If your pools water level is at or just below the middle of your tile water line than you do not need to lower any more. let he level be where it currently is.

4. Don’t Panic: Everything outside / inside our homes can be fixed and replaced, but our lives are most important. Always STAY SAFE AND ALERT!

Please know that we are here to assist you through these difficult times and are ready to respond as quickly as we possibly can. Contact us with any questions that you may have and we will be very helpful in delivering you the best and correct answer and course of actions which ever is needed.