Client Responsibilities:

  • Maintain proper pool water level. (Water line level to be maintain near middle of pool tile.)
  • Provide easy access to property weekly. (including all gated communities with security guards, call boxes with codes, home side entrance gates, gate keys and combination codes, etc. Any issues or failure in gaining proper access to property may result in a re-visit fee.)
  • Assure that all gates, fences, and nets are operating properly. Clients which have a baby net installed above pool surface must have net removed prior to service date visit. (Elite Swimming Pools assumes no responsibility for maintaining property fences or gates. We assume no responsibility for maintaining baby gates surrounding pool nor baby net above surface of pool. We are not responsible for the re-installation of any baby nets which are installed above pool surface.)
  • Maintain landscape properly trimmed away from pool as well as around filtration pump area. (trees, shrubs, plants, planter pots, etc.)
  • Maintain a clear, clean and clutter free patio. (service technician assumes’ s no responsibility in moving or removal of any patio furniture, large items, and any other items which may be in the direct area which may not allow the tech to perform the work.)
  • Remove pool covers, solar covers/rings, toys and rafts from surface and bottom of pool prior to service day.
  • Posses own pool pole, net, and brush. (many instances occur which these useful tools may assist client in pool maintenance for off schedule cleanings, or aid client in any removal of large debris that falls into pool etc.)

Additional services not included in the Service Packages:

  • Heavy duty pool cleanups (due to severe rain and wind storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes, vandalism, excessive landscape debris, roof and patio pressure washing, any other abnormal event.)
  • Specialty Chemicals (Stain and Scale removal treatments, Oils and Enzymes removal treatments, Metal removers treatments.)
  • Super Shock treatments, Algaecide treatments and pool Chemical Re-balance including salt, muriatic acid, sodium bicarbonate, calcium, stabilizer conditioner.  (Due to high bather load, leaking pools, excessive filling of pool, filling pool with well water source, any sprinkler system drawing from city or well water which sprinkler heads spraying into pool, any animals in pool, excessive landscape debris, severe weather storms including hurricanes, roof and patio pressure washing.)
  • Service calls (to diagnose pool, filtration pump system, electrical circuit system, any other pool component which may not be working and/or functioning properly.)
  • Parts and labor for any repair.
  • E. filters and Quad cartridge filter heavy duty internal cleaning.

*** All these services are available and can be performed. Additional service cost to be determined at time of service. ***


Service Package Rates: Monthly rates reflect a “POOL ONLY” standard size 15’ X 30’ and under with standard features and equipment. These starting rates do not consider other variables which may alter the monthly rates. Swimming pools which have a pool/ spa combo, pools of larger dimensions, depth, water features, negative edge pool types, location of swimming pool, surrounding landscape, etc. All new pools and client signups are subject to an inspection of their pool prior to agreement of monthly rate. The condition of the pool, the pool chemistry of the water, and the pool equipment inspections will be documented and any current physical issues we find will be addressed to the client. There may be a “Startup Fee” for any swimming pool which the water chemistry needs correcting and balancing at the time of the inspection and commencement of service.

Severe Weather/Holidays: In the event of a severe storm/rainy and windy weather was to occur on the date and time of which the service is to be performed by our technicians, we will make all attempts to add chemicals only to the pool despite not being able to perform the service. We will not be able to return the following day to resume the service. No credits will be given for this. In the event of Hurricanes or Tornadoes was to occur, the date of service will have to be rescheduled until after these types of storms leave and the weather returns to normal and it is safe to resume work. For any Holiday’s that falls during the work week, no service will be performed on that specific day. We will make every attempt to either service the pools ahead of schedule or a day after the Holiday.

Instant Parts/Repairs: In some instances, swimming pools require instant parts to be replaced and/or a repair to be made to preserve both the pools water balance and/or pool system and equipment for safety and good working order reasonings.  Clients Pre-Authorize required parts and repairs which may be $75.00 and under. These actions will be done as a matter of routine maintenance and safety for your pool.  We will notify every client to discuss any issue and the action taken. Occurrences which may be replacing all cracked and broken strainer baskets, tablet floaters, pump and filter gaskets etc. Any other parts or repairs which exceeds this amount, the client’s approval will be required prior to any action taken.


Vacation: Elite Swimming Pools billing cycle is based on a 48-week industry standard term, out of a 52-week calendar year. Weekly service is determined on a 4 visit a month schedule. Four months out of the year our clients will receive a 5th service which is NOT charged for. Those 4 extra weeks will be taken as vacation. Two of the vacation times will be

taken during the Christmas Holiday and Spring break. The two remaining vacation weeks will be taken throughout the course of the year. Clients will be notified in advance of the vacation time. We will make every attempt to add the necessary chemicals and prepare your pool prior to our vacation.


Payment/ Invoicing Terms: Elite Swimming Pools requires all our clients to have and maintain a current credit card on file during the entire duration of this agreement. We will place the credit card on re-occurring charges for the set amount of the service provided. Invoices are billed on the 1st of each month, and all payments are due by the 25th of the “Current month”. Clients which elect to make payments via check, must still be required to have a “current” credit card on file during the duration of this agreement. Payments made via check must be mailed in and received on or before the 25th of the current month. To avoid a $10.00 fee for late payments, all invoice amounts must be received before the 1st of the following month. Unless prior payment arrangements have been made, any two consecutive unpaid invoices can result in “suspension” or “cancellation” of service, and the referral to a collection agency. Service will resume upon receipt of client’s total balance payment. There could be additional charges to restore the pool/spa to a swimmable condition. There will be a $25.00 fee for all returned checks.


Cancellation: A 30-day notice must be provided, by either party, prior to the cancellation of this Service Agreement. Client agrees to Elite Swimming Pools processing any payment to the credit card on file for payment of any open invoices or un-paid work performed prior to cancellation of this agreement. Client must have a $0.00 balance prior to cancellations.