True Pool Balance Guarantee


Elite Swimming Pools is committed to the health and safety of our clients and their pools. We take this very seriously as we know they entrust us to maintain the pools for them.

An unbalanced swimming pool can cause many health issues for the patrons which swim in these unknown conditions, along with the physical damages to the interior surface of the pool and the complete filtration system that circulates the water.

Here at Elite we live by the motto, “A blue pool doesn’t mean it’s a safe pool.” Until the values of the water are taken and verified there is no telling what is going on.

Therefore, we are continually educating and attending courses to stay involved with the industries improving methods for a True Balance Pool maintenance.

Our company pledges to our clients and the communities we serve, to deliver each week a safe and healthy swimming pool bearing weather conditions.

As we also know that swimming pools are breeding grounds for bacteria build up, a collection center for debris, and with the uncontrollable weather conditions of extreme heat and damp rainy days here in Florida, if something was to happen we know exactly what to do to get it back quickly to our standards of swimmable conditions.

We will ensure your pool is maintained efficiently to effectively achieve a True Pool Balance.